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About Stilton

Stilton is a semi-rural village situated adjacent to the A1M in the northwest of Cambridgeshire and southwest of Peterborough.

Dating back to Roman times, the village is proud of its history and especially because the origins of Stilton Cheese lie within it. The first recorded mention of the cheese appeared in a letter dated from 1722 which contained the recipe for the cheese.

Stilton attracts visitors from all over the world because of its history and being the site of one of England’s oldest 15th century coaching inns on the Great North Road, which ran between London to Edinburgh.

The village has a friendly atmosphere, is home to a number of amenities including a primary school, shops, hotel, pubs and a fairly new sports pavilion which hosts regular clubs, fitness activities and private events.

As at the 2011 census, Stilton had a population of approximately 2,455. However, this has increased and will do further as two new housing developments are being planned.

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