Julie Gillies

About Me

Born and bred in Norwich, I moved to Stilton in 2005.  Happily married for 33 years and have one son.

Have worked all my employable years as an administrator mostly in Local Government, am a former Beaver Leader (known as Rainbow), Event Organiser, Committee Secretary, Clerk to Governing Bodies, NVQ Assessor and was a parent representative on two Sure Start Schemes (known later as Children’s Centres).

I left school with mediocre qualifications (believe it or not, I was quite shy then and barely said a word to anyone).  Returned to studying again in 2008 and continued until 2013 whilst working full-time, mothering and Scouting, enjoyed every minute and sharing learning with the people I met along the journey.

I’m a positive and happy person, never enjoyed cooking (would rather clean), enjoy travelling, fine cuisine, gardening but mostly socialising and getting together with family and friends.

As Pavilion Administrator, I’m hoping the building will be the flagship ‘go to’ building in Stilton and the wider community for recreation and private functions.