For nearly two years the Parish Council has worked towards building a playground for the under-12’s in Stilton, with much enthusiasm and support from children and residents.  Recently we were awarded a grant from Cambridgeshire’s Communities Capital Fund so we now have £60,000 for our playground equipment.

We are moving to the final stages of deciding where to site the playground and the Parish Council is welcoming views from the village on its proposals.

Three sites are under consideration:  Apreece Way, Gala Close and the Glebe (off Church Close.)  Below you can access the various reports that have been used to arrive at this shortlist together with the Parish Council’s Green Space Strategy which aims to make better use of our green spaces for the benefit of all villagers.

You can email the Clerk () or drop a note into the mailbox at the Parish Room, Church Street, Stilton if you have any questions re the proposed new playground.